Smart Buildings Show 8th to 9th November 2017

Drax Technology are delighted to announce attendance at the first UK’s first dedicated smart buildings event. You have plenty of time to obtain a free ticket here as the event will be held at The Barbican, London, November 8th to 9th. A very exciting date to place in your diary, with guest speakers, exhibitors and plenty of opportunity for facilities managers to access the latest in Smart Building Technology.  

What is a Smart Building?

Smart buildings that are connected using the latest IoT technologies become responsive by interacting with operators and users, providing them new levels of visibility and actionable information. This enhances the occupiers experience whilst productivity, environmental impact and compliance are also improved.

To maximise the benefits requires designing in intelligence and monitoring the building’s performance through to the end of its useful life. Smart buildings use information technology during operation to collect data from subsystems, that typically operate independently, to optimise building performance. 

Smart Buildings Show will cover all key aspects of creating and managing a smart building, including;
  • Building automation systems
  • Building energy management
  • HVAC
  • Smart meters and monitoring
  • Fire/Security
  • Lighting and controls
  • Software services and support
  • Building consultancy and design

If you are an architect, building services engineer, building owner, operator, facilities manager, or involved in any aspect of running buildings then the Smart Buildings Show is a must-attend event for you. Find out more by visiting the organisers website 

Complex Buildings Require Complex Solutions

Major new buildings are becoming ever more sophisticated in a bid to reduce running costs, improve the environment for occupiers, save energy and increase security. Each installed electrical or mechanical service provided will demonstrate how it is better than its previous version at achieving some or all of the above. Many individual systems will use PC based software to assist with the management of the system in question. Some buildings may even utilise a Building Management System (BMS) to monitor and control heating, cooling and ventilation.

However, it is becoming apparent that many building owners are not considering the impact, failure of one system has on another, particularly in an emergency. For Drax Technology, experts in Life Safety, a building requires all the many designed safety critical systems in a building to work faultlessly if a major incident occurs and disaster is to be avoided.

For example, if a smoke detector detects smoke due to the outbreak of fire, it is likely that through sophisticated “cause and effect” that many other systems in the building also need to operate effectively. Activation of all these systems is needed to ensure the integrity of the building is maintained and the mass evacuation of hundreds, if not thousands of people takes place safely. But how does the responsible person know that all those systems, ventilation fans, fresh air intake dampers, extract dampers, fire doors, sprinkler pumps, lifts, emergency lighting, communications, access control are all sitting there faultlessly prior to being needed? Additionally, as some are in use constantly, can the responsible person be sure that they will all work as designed when required to do so in an emergency.

It’s all very well carrying out an annual check or inspection of a fire door. However, if that door has been opened thousands of times in the last 6 months, due to the volume of traffic, will it when asked to close, secure a fire compartment? Shutting properly on its own, preventing smoke from escaping and not compromise safety.

Drax Technology’s AMX alarm management software has been collecting valuable data from thousands of fire detection and alarm systems for over 25 years but does anybody use that data to their benefit? Unfortunately, in our experience very few!
So what does Drax Technology recommend. Well firstly, ensuring the collection of valuable data from the many different safety critical systems installed in the building. Not just fire alarm systems but fire doors, fire dampers, extract fans etc. etc. Connecting to the myriad of different systems is the easy bit, we’ve been doing it for years and with the IoT as well as internet communications it has become even easier. Making the most of the data collected and implementing change is more difficult, but we’re here to help.

Drax Technology can add another level of sophistication by using analytics and intuitive dashboards to display the status of critical life safety systems. It then only takes a glance by the responsible person to check that the integrity of the building is not compromised. Analysing the data collected from existing equipment or systems also provides a benchmark for the future. The success or not of any subsequent changes made to system design, equipment, maintenance providers or maintenance processes can now be compared and improvements measured.

At the same time the AMX software can provide essential and detailed information should a fire occur as to its location and hazards that exist nearby. This additional information saves critical time as well as reducing the risks to occupants and the emergency services.

So why not try something that has the potential to improve governance, compliance, productivity and safety?  If you already utilise Drax Technology’s AMX software why not give us a call to see what you can save by using the data already at your fingertips. If you don’t have our software on in your premises but see some value in installing it and would like to know more then, again we are just a call away.


NAHFO Annual Conference Daventry

Drax technology recently spent three days at the National Association of Hospital Fire Officers (NAHFO) annual conference in Daventry.

The event was attend by over 100 delegates, all hospital fire officers from right across the UK. About 20 manufacturers supported the event with exhibition stands showing the latest fire safety products and technology for use in a hospital environment. Drax Technology were one of those exhibitors. As well as demonstrating its trusted and powerful AMX alarm management software, Drax were there to canvas opinion from the well respected and experienced delegates on some new innovative products with many uses within the NHS environment.

Drax Technology’s new products include a range of flexible modules designed to monitor the status and create an asset register of critical life safety equipment used around a hospital.  Drax also discussed using apps along with smart phones to not only access the valuable data that can be harvested but how new technology can be utilised to help the NHS save money and improve communications in the event of an incident.

The conference was capped off with a Gala Dinner on the Wednesday evening where both exhibitors and delegates joined to socialise, celebrate some awards presented by the association and raise £1000. A unanimous show of hands ensured the collection went to victims of the Manchester Arena attack that had occurred earlier in the week. 

If you would like more information on Drax Technology’s products or would like to discuss your specific requirements please either visit, email your enquiry to: or telephone 0345 459 3005.

National Association of Heathcare Fire Officer 2017

Drax Technology are very excited to be exhibiting at NAHFO over the next two days.

NAHFO is an organisation that acts as a national voice for all those associated with healthcare fire safety. Working closely with other organisations to promote the highest standards of fire safety within healthcare environments.

NAHFO has been established for over 30 years and in this time its members helped to shape the guidance and legislation used in healthcare today.
So here we are in Daventry at the NAHFO annual conference. Attended by over 90 delegates all NHS Fire Officers.

We're here to canvas opinion regarding the use of some new wireless modules to monitor fire extinguishers, doors and other assets. We plan to usethese in conjunction with our existing AMX Software.

We have some working modules and some software to demonstrate the concept. So far feedback has been very positive. Do come over and have a chat to Chris or Keith and let us know your thoughts.

You can contact Chris Wilkinson on 07827 350688 or Keith Minster on 07824 140743 at the exhibition or visit

Drax Technology’s powerful AMX software has evolved into one of the most versatile alarm management platforms available. It is now the alarm management system of choice for many estates, facilities and security managers.